Rare Book Room Use

Location: Second Floor of the Library
Capacity: 40
Room configuration: Conference Table and Chairs for 12 people + additional Chairs
Equipment: Wireless Network

Who can use the Rare Book Room?

Preference will be given to requests that require the unique resources of the room.

*Please note that it may occasionally be necessary to change or cancel reservations to accommodate meetings of high-priority groups.

How do I schedule the Rare Book Room?

1. To schedule the Rare Book Room, call or email the Special Collections Outreach Librarian, Sharon Byrd, at 704-894-2158.

2.  The Rare Book Room can be reserved Monday – Friday.  Use of the Rare Book Room in the evening is contingent on a member of the library staff being available to provide access.

*Meeting organizers should select meeting times that will allow sufficient time for meeting set-up and take-down/clean-up.

Are food items and beverages allowed in the Rare Book Room?

No food or beverages are allowed in the Rare Book Room.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Meetings that will feature loud conversations, music, etc. are better suited for other locations on campus.

The Rare Book Room is not sound-proof, so confidential meetings are probably better suited for other locations on campus.

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