Pioneering and Circling the Wagons

Probably never a good idea to start an entry with a cliché, but last week was one of those where I felt like “circling the wagons.”    There was a never-ending series of “crises,” or at least perceived crises, with our integrated library system (WMS) and its end user interface, Davidson Worldcat Local. A number of aggrieved colleagues felt the need to remind me, yet again, that I was a prime mover in bringing the developing system to Davidson two years ago.  The implication being that I was … [Read more...]

Preserving our Intellectual Heritage

The preservation, organization and dissemination of the intellectual output of an institution are core functions of libraries and archives.  For an institution of higher learning, this output is perhaps second only to the quality of its graduates and faculty as a testament or indicator of its overall success. The advent of the World Wide Web and the digitization of most forms of information offer vast opportunities, as well as significant challenges, for the management of an institution’s … [Read more...]