Assessing My Summer

So the summer is over, the students are back, and I’ve survived the arrival of a new group of freshman advisees on campus.  It is time to start up the Little Reflections blog for the year and for me to assess how the summer went professionally.   In looking back, I realize that this was a summer of assessment, or more correctly library assessment dominated my summer.  Three specific events or projects come to mind.  First, I had the great opportunity to present along with some colleagues from … [Read more...]

“Explicit” Searching

Every once in awhile I like to get down in the weeds of library geekdom, this is one of those days. I recently was pondering how index-searching functionality in many commercial information databases is flawed, and how this impacts user experience. There are often broad disparities in how vendors implement Boolean logic in advanced searching, which can make it quite difficult for users to effectively use their products.    Wouldn’t it be great if all vendors used the same basic search … [Read more...]

Systems Librarian Faces the Innovation Challenge

The library has begun a discussion about excellence in relation to innovation. Forty years ago, simply automating manual processes was innovative! Handling textual data was cutting edge. As libraries began to adopt this new technology, a new breed of librarian emerged - the "systems librarian."  Keeping the "library catalog" (a euphemism for the integrated system that supports circulation, acquisition, and discovery of library resources) and the equipment to access the catalog up and running … [Read more...]