Sounds of the Mountains

Since starting in the music library, I’ve spent a good deal of time learning the ropes of my new job and familiarizing myself with the audio, score, and reference collections we have here in Sloan Music Center. As a musician of what I like to think is discerning taste, being surrounded by such a substantial collection of different genres and flavors of great musical resources makes me as giddy as a kid in a candy shop. I've also made the short walk across campus several times to browse … [Read more...]

Introducing Our New Music Library Manager

Library brings musician Jon Hill to campus as our new Music Library Manager. We want to introduce him in his own words. I started as music library manager in November 2015, bringing over 10 years of experience working in libraries and a strong musical background to Davidson College. I come to Davidson from Durham and have been an employee of the Chapel Hill Public Library since 2006 where I started in the circulation department and most recently managed the periodicals collection. A … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning & Summer Changes

Students who frequent the music library noticed some shelves being emptied over the past spring semester, and coincidentally became quite interested in vinyl… Beginning in February, cart after cart of LPs were pulled by the music library student assistants and brought into my office where they underwent close inspection, careful sorting, and thorough stamping. As some were sad to learn, those LPs that made it to the stamping stage were going away for good. The music library had a collection of … [Read more...]

Music & Political Protest

When most Americans think of protest songs, they probably think of the ‘60’s. Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, anti-war, pro-civil rights. The 1960’s were especially active years for this genre of songwriting, but they certainly weren’t the only years. The oral tradition of protest songs dates back further than we are probably able to accurately identify, and the songwriting tradition continues today. Our bulletin board outside of the entrance to the music library honors the tradition of artists engaging … [Read more...]