ACRL Conference

Last week I attended the conference of the major professional society for academic librarians, the Association of College and Research Libraries.  I’ve been to every one of their conferences, which are usually held every other year, since 1986.  While there, I ran into a Davidson alum, Tammy Ivins, who was thoroughly enjoying the conference and finding much of relevance to her work. As someone who’s been in the profession much longer, though, I’m sorry to say I was rather disappointed.  I went … [Read more...]

Revamped Archives & Special Collections Web Presence

We have introduced a revamped website for Davidson’s archives and special collections.   If you visit the site you may not notice any differences at first glance.  The banners, color schemes, rotating images, embedded Google search, and news & events all are essentially the same as they were a week or a month ago.      You might detect that we’ve changed some of the information in the left hand column regarding our offices hours, but a bit of text change doesn’t really count as a revamping … [Read more...]

Data Curation

I had the opportunity to attend the Digital Humanities Winter Institute (DHWI) at the University of Maryland in January. While there I attended a weeklong class on Data Curation; the content of the course resonated with me in terms of challenges Davidson, and the archives in particular, will face as we continue along the Digital Studies Initiative. First a definition is in order. Trevor Muñoz, one of the course instructors, an Assistant Dean for the University of Maryland libraries, and a … [Read more...]