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What’s New at the Library?

What’s New at the Library?

The following lists what’s new at the Library fall semester, 2013:

New Service

  • The shiny red kiosks outside the Information Literacy Learning Center (main floor) and Davidsoniana Room (second floor) are touchscreen interfaces to information about campus buildings, student award winners, library bookplates, and more.

New Resources

  • Our new Gale Partnership brings additional databases and a prize competition for students’ digital humanities projects.
  • Periodicals Archive Online:  An online archive of full text articles from over 1,000 scholarly journals and some popular magazines; coverage begins in 1802 and goes through 2000. There is little overlap between PAO and JSTOR.
  • Swank digital campus:  Streaming video of feature films for course-related use.
  • New JSTOR collections:  Arts & Sciences XII, Ecology & Botany II, and Global Plants.

New Locations

  • At the request of the chemistry faculty, all materials from the Chemistry Library have moved to E.H. Little. The circulating collection can be found behind reference materials on the first floor.  The chemistry reference collection has been reclassified and integrated; the same will happen with the circulating materials over the next year.
  • The digitization equipment previously located in the basement of Chambers and supported by ITG has been relocated to the second floor of the library and is now being supported by the Archives as a Digitization Lab. 
  • Susanna Boylston is now in office 1019 to facilitate her collection development work.

New People

Other Changes

  • Sara Swanson has completed the eight courses necessary for her Certificate in Copyright Management.   She can help you with locating public domain materials, securing permissions, negotiating author agreements, and more
  • We’ve rearranged things in the Davidsoniana Room to create more of a reading room ambience.  In keeping with that goal, we’ve designated the D Room a quiet study area and asked people who aren’t Davidson-affiliated people to work elsewhere.
  • Sara Swanson now coordinates information literacy classes.  Contact her to arrange a librarian-led session.